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Customer Reviews

"Picks and stones offered me the solution I was looking for but couldn't find anywere! The picks are absolutely high quality, and there's a solution for everyone's need. The customer service is perfect!"

"The combo pick immediatly grabbed my focus.. it took me about a minute of testing to realize that this is the best pick I`ve ever had, through over 30 years of playing. A little twist and you totally change the attack and sound. Love it!"

"Thank you for my order. One word to cover
everything... Brilliant!"

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Customer Reviews

Of course we think our picks are great, but what do our customers think? Below are the thoughts of Picks and Stones customers.

If you have a Picks and Stones guitar pick we would love to hear your opinion. We view all advise as constructive, so let us know what you like about our picks, and also what you think we can do better. If you have an mp3 recording using a Picks and Stones pick, email us a copy: we'd love to post it on our mp3 page!

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  • I play guitar with The Black Crowes. We’re recording and filming our new double live album and movie at Levon Helm’s barn. I gave your picks to the guys and we’re all using them! We love them! They sound so good. There is no comparison to plastic, it's amazing. It only makes sense. The stone picks appeal to the aesthetic that I apply to my music and live my life according to. The sound of the stone pick's attack is amazing on electric and acoustic instruments. They are superior to plastic plectrums in every way. I haven't used them on tour yet but I will be! I'm hooked.
    Thank you, LAD

    Luther Dickinson

    The Black Crowes

    North Mississippi Allstars

  • I feel this pick is the best I have ever used. The grip on these is the best so far and the stone never gets slippery.
    Emery G. Columna
    Spring Hill, Florida
  • In my playing, I have found myself constantly trying new guitar picks to find something that gave great tone and feel, but also felt great in my hands. The amber picks are a perfect fit for my hands and style.
    Rock Hill, SC
  • This is the second pick that I've purchased and the quality and service is second to none. It's amazing the effect the pick has on tone and ease of playing.
    Darren Alessi
    Emeryville, CA
  • Awesome picks, people need to know about these....
    Thayer, MO
  • The Ambers are just other-worldly... like nothing I've ever played. Thanks for the great tone and great service Johnny!
    Jeff T.
    Denver, CO
  • I received my pick this afternoon, A 2 mm Brasilian Jazz Style Finger groove. Very fast shipping by the way. Gigged with it tonight for the first time. These picks really do have a tone all their own. Such a sweet sound. I play a G&L Tele doing what we call high octane Honky Tonk. It really warmed up my Tele but all the bite and grit were still there when you dig in. These are really beautiful, wonderful sounding picks. I will be ordering more for my band mates. Thanks Johnny!
    Lee Goodwin
    Truckstop Preachers
    Rock Hill, SC
  • Besides looking and feeling great, these are by far the most playable picks I have ever used. They seem to have a life of their own, just like many of my guitars, each have their own personality and sound. (life) I cannot imagine ever tiring of the tones I am getting from these picks. they are a dream to play with, they do not slip, they are the most tactile picks I have ever used. I feel the strings like I have never felt them before. It's as if they breathed new life into some of my old favorite songs. I just got my Taylor nylon back, and the amber pick is amazing on it. My wife asked me what that "new" song I was playing was, I had to tell her it was one of her old favorites I was playing, she even noticed the difference. I haven't even tried them on any of my electrics yet. Thank you for a truly wonderful instrument, I consider your picks to be just that, a beautiful instrument.
    Milford, MA
  • Delivery was quick and the service was above and beyond what I've ever experienced. I would most certainly buy again and my picks are amazing.
    Columbus, OH
  • From the moment I hit the strings with your pick I knew I found my home. I'll never use another brand. I played many years on classical guitar and I'm used to have direct contact with strings. All the picks I used were a sort of wall between me and the guitar... until now.
    Your pick will be my secret... I'll order more picks in the near future.
    Thank you very much.
    Valentin P.
  • Buy an amber pick, whatever thickness you want. I got the 1mm. Pick up your guitar and play with your usual plastic pick. Then play exactly the same music with your new amber pick. Didn't know that your guitar had that much richness and warmth, did you?
    Ii play high-end Taylors and I am AMAZED that that much sound was hidden in them, just waiting for amber. Iif you spend more than $300 on a guitar, buy an amber pick, and presto! You have a guitar that sounds five times better. This is a no-brainer, and the best thing you can do to make your guitar sound better. I'm ordering two more.
    Crofton, MD
  • Do I love mine? Yes/ Will it make you a better technical player? Yes/ Should it last a lifetime? Yes / Are they beautifull? yes / Are they worth the cost? Yes / Did I wait months to evaluate and give an honest review? Yes / If you play hours daily you know how long the plastic picks last. Ha' Ha; Please. I have three beautiful thin stone picks in my studio to choose from and they are cherished as special tools. I have top name amps, name brand expensive guitars custom shop, top of the line cables etc, so now I have the awesome stone picks for the best of the best!
    Thank you Johnny for your Killer works of art, just the tools a guitarist like me was waiting on! Who would have ever thought a guy 2600 miles from you could be lucky enough to have found these Treasures! Truely a Fantastic Find! Thanks Johnny for a great product, keep up the Great Work!
    Bryan Keith Stutts
    Ramseur N.C.
  • The first time I used the agate pick was on my Les Paul, with a friend listening on. She doesn't play, but when playing the same song with the agate pick and then a standard medium Dunlop the sound with the Agate pick was described as more full bodied. The difference is not subtle at all. Like night and day. I repeated the same thing on my other two guitars, and on the electrics the difference between the two picks was easily noticable. The Taylor T5C2 played unplugged was a bit less noticable, and I didn't try it jacked into the amp. I plan on getting another one, but this time one with different pick styles on each end of the triangle.
    Anaheim Hills, CA
  • I needed this pick for a birthday present, and it was shipped faster than I could have expected. The quality is right up there too. Thank you
    Hudson Colorado
  • I LOVE these picks! Got my set of three a couple of weeks ago. It took me about 10 minutes to get used to how smoothly and easily they played. Now I doubt I'll ever be able to go back to "regular" picks again. The quality and variety of tones I can get just from changing which tip I'm using and my pick attack is just amazing. Johnny has been awesome to work with too. I LOVE THESE PICKS!!
    Toledo, OH
  • Johnny not only makes what are simply the best sounding and looking picks on the planet, but he is genuine and honest. In short, Johnny is my only source for stone picks.
    Jeff Meyers
    Scottsdale, AZ
  • I have purchased a necklace pick from Picks & Stones before, I must say that the quality of it was amazing! And it was a combo pick to so it gives me all the versatility I need for any genre. My second stone pick will arrive soon and I cannot wait! I recommend stone picks to all guitarists if you want an awesome tone and a very long lasting pick(s)!
    Lawrence U.
  • Perfect and...brilliant !!!
    Gilles Thibaud
  • Great service. Quick reply to emails and great speedy shipping. Thank you for a wonderful experience and frictionless transaction.
  • I received my custom order picks yesterday. They are simply beautiful and the angled finger slots match the exemplar pick perfectly. The two thicknesses I ordered work great. The thicker 3mm pick actually has a bit of a mellower attack than the 2mm or 2.5mm. This gives me some additional options; an unexpected but pleasant surprise. You are the man!! If a customer's playing doesn't improve after using one of your picks, it isn't the pick's fault. Thanks for a great product and great customer service.
    Robert Sakogawa
  • Apparently Johnny Wood didn't think my assortment was pretty enough so he threw in a nice pretty one no charge, with a hand written note explaining same. This company is a class act! Impeccable, unique top quality products backed by a company culture that really cares about its customers.
    Waffles Pi Natusch
    Warwick, RI
  • The picks are great! I have two and keep them in a zipped pocket. A little trouble to fish them out is worth it for the enhanced sound and playablity.
    Dave Toorchen
    Columbus, OH
  • Immediately loved it.
    Hugh Lade
    Seattle, WA
  • Beautiful quality and love the feel of the pick.
    Golden, CO
  • These stone picks really do bring out the tone in my guitars, there is a big improvement in sound. I am really impressed with the quality and playability of these picks. The service provided by Johnny to international buyers is first class.
  • I read a lot of info on the page and I've expected the pick to be great, but it turns that it is even better! The tone really is brighter which I really liked. Also I was really amazed how smooth the pick goes through the strings - nice and easy and helping to approve my picking style!
    Baby Thomas
    Rousse, Bulgaria
  • Best pick I ever had! Better than Red Bears IMO. But next time I will ask for grip. Beside that, they are perfect! I can't go back to normal plastic picks now.
    Montreal, Canada
  • I just purchased two more picks, after trying one for a couple of months. They make a big tonal difference with my solid and hollow body electrics, not so much with my Taylor dreadnaught. But the feel in fingers and on the strings is great. Outstanding service, also.
    Hugh Lade
    Seattle, WA
  • After playing for about an hour, this is easily the best pick I've ever used, both for playability and quality of the tone. There really is a huge difference with plastic to stone! More of these are definitely on my list for the holiday season, and for when I have extra cash laying around. I play a lot of instrumental rock, fusion and metal, and this pick took my already beautiful, polished warm lead tone (with just an edge of grit) and makes it soar even higher...definitely a thicker sound than the thin sound the plastics offer -- I never would've noticed the loss of quality tone with a plastic if it wasn't for this pick! If you don't have at least one of these, I recommend you give it a try.
  • I'm so impressed with Picks & Stones, I just ordered my third pick. All three are double grip 1.5 mm 29 x 25. The rigidity is excellent for playing lead. What I really like is how my guitar responds to the pick. With a light touch the notes are a smooth Fender clean tones. With an aggressive attack the tone instantly goes to hi-gain Marshall/Vox. I've been unable to get this same range of tone from any other pick. I play a Les Paul with humbuckers. Thanks Johnny!
    Donald Hills
  • Outstanding product, outstanding customer service. I believe that with your product that i've concluded my search for "The Plectrum" of my dreams. Thank you very much.
    Andy Delgado
    Gilbert, AZ
  • Not yet used, but the picks arrived today - prompt delivery and beautifully crafted. Can't wait to hear the tone they produce on the instruments. Thanks so much for your good help over the phone.
    Danville, VA
  • The Multi-mm Amber Combo Pick is an amazing piece of art. You really have 3 different sounds in one pick. The choice of pick has always been a first choice item for me. I played all kinds of wooden picks, which are great too but they wear too quickly. These stone picks (and especially the Amber picks) are one of a kind.
    Ralph de Rozario
  • Having not read any user reviews of the Amber picks I was a little leery of trying them because of the price. But having played with the 1mm custom for a few days I'm sooo happy I took a chance. I've always had trouble holding on to plastic picks. But there's something about the amber that keeps it from slipping. And the tone is awesome especially when I play my martin acoustic. I have tried a pick from another maker that was supposed to be as good as tortoise. It pales in comparison to the amber. Customer service was top notch too.Very prompt shipping. I am sold!
    Lou Miller
    Endicott, New York
  • My picks arrived today. I ordered plain traditional style picks, not your
    "exceptional aesthetic specimen" jobs. I was hoping, however, that one of
    them might be somewhat pretty as I am planning to give it to my brother.
    When I opened the box, I couldn't believe how beautiful both of them are.
    Now my problem is deciding which one is the prettier of the two to give to
    him. Between your fast, friendly service and your quality products, I am a more
    than satisfied customer. Thank you very much.
    Don Chandler
  • I just received my order, two traditional picks, an ultra-thin 0.8mm & a 2mm grip pick. These aren't my first stone picks, but right out of the package I could see that the quality of the workmanship was much better and the highly polished and perfectly beveled edge surface just glides off the strings. The other company I bought from just had a rounded edge & it wasn't polished very well so I could clearly hear the pick 'grab' the strings while playing... a different kind of pick noise from plastic pics, but still a mostly unwelcomed pick noise. But the Picks and Stones pick is virtually silent.
    I decided to try stone because my playing style shreds a plastic based pick in about 4 hours of playing, to the point that there is a noticable shape and playability change. Last year I went through 7 dozen .96mm Dunlop Gator Grip picks, that's as much as I paid for just the grip pick. My biggest concern now is... will I start shredding strings instead of picks ;)
    I was surprised at how well I could hold onto such a finely polished surface. I used to buy the "Gator Grip" picks because they were the only ones that didn't slip in my hands during long hot practice sessions. But so far no grip problems with the 0.8mm, and I'm sure there won't be any problem holding onto the 2mm grip pick even during the longest hottest practice.
    Fantastic product & fantastic company. On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd have to give you and your products an 11 because, you've exceeded even my greatest expectations!!!
    S. Murray
    Lakeland, FL
  • Excellent quality. I love the way these picks feel and the tone is incredible. Kudos to Picks and Stones for some of the best picks around.
    Mt. Bethel, PA
  • Just recieved my samplepack today. It will take some time to get used to these picks but, in just the short time that I have had them, I have noticed a great difference in tone, consider I was using a 50mm Dunlop tortex pick before. The picks are beautiful in look and sound. Who would believe such a small thing could make such a huge difference in sound. My wife even noticed the better tone. I must have said "Wow" for 5 minutes straight when I first opened the package, they're just that impressive to look at. I really didn't expect them to be that cool and the tone is like going from a Marshall to a Hughes & Kettner, or like from a used Yugo to a new Cadillac. Yeah, they're that good.
    John Lowrance
    Seattle, WA
  • Johnny, The picks I ordered are excellent!!! I am AMAZED at the marked improvement in tone with the use of stone picks. Both single notes and chords ring with the stone pick versus plastic.
  • It is almost impossible to find any good producers of stonepicks in Europe, hence I contacted picksandstone in desperation! Swift support, quick deliveries and very friendly contacts! The products we bought are great and the stonepick tone is vital for my style of playing! Again, thanks a lot for great products! We will for sure continue bying picks from picksandstones!
    Patrik Lämborg
  • My name is John and I'm a Picks and Stones pickaholic. It started off innocently, as a simple curiousity and then into full blown stone tone addiction. I used to use a thin flimsy plastic pick that seriously lacked tone and I didn't even know it. I hessitated as I punched the keys of my laptop and made my first purchase of a sample pack, a few days later, it arrived. They were beautiful. Thicker than the plastic picks I had been using for years, smooth and unique looking. Just a few minutes of playing and my life was changed. I'm very abusive to picks, I rake my strings and play hard and these stone picks just don't wear down at all. Another package has arrived and I'm experimenting with some of the combo picks now and I'm gravitating towards the thicker picks now, what a change! I would say Picks and Stones has improved my playing and tone and the picks are like little works of art, I'll be ordering more as finances allow. Oh, and my supplies of plastic picks, I gave them away. There is no turning back from this addiction. Hey Johnny, can you make me a backplate for my Les Paul? That would be really cool. Thanks for making such an awsome product.
    John Lowrance
    Seattle, WA
  • I just recieved my picks today, I absolutley love them. There is nothing that I can say that hasn't already been said, but the playablity, the beauty, and the tone that comes out of these picks is well worth the money. Thanks for the great customer service!
    Hinkle, KY
  • I have ordered around 20-30 stone picks over the last few years. Some from competitors, most from Johnny @ Picks and Stones. The quality and service @ Picks and Stones are both spectacular! Definitely the best stone picks available on the market. If you haven't already, give them a try. They sound and play great, and again the product quality and customer service is second to none!
    Jeff Sater
    Scottsdale, AZ
  • I originally asked Johnny for something like a small 3mm Dunlop Stubby. He convinced me to go with a sampler pack of 3mm picks instead. I immediately took to the Jazz pick. This pick works great on Jazz boxes with heavy strings. On Strat and Tele-type guitars with light strings however (10 on top), all three picks bring out the different timbres between wound (dark) and unwound (bright) strings to the point where I don't like to use them. I called Johnny back after a couple of weeks and he ended up making a batch of custom Dunlop Stubby-shaped picks of which I got to choose a non-grip version. Not only is this pick gorgeous to behold, but it almost completely eliminates the difference in timbres between wound and unwound strings!
    Gian Wiegner
    Winchester, MA
  • I've used lots of different picks over the years -- even one made from cymbal metal -- and I had my first stone pick in the 70's, and your picks are not just the best stone picks I've ever used, they're the best picks period. All the other stone picks I've had were stones that just happened to be fashioned into picks; yours are picks that just happen to be made of stone. Still, months now after I got my first one, I forget I'm playing with a stone pick (which NEVER happened with all the other stone picks I've owned). And yours are the only stone picks I've ever felt comfortable strumming chords with. And compared to picks made of plastic or polymers, well, there is no comparison. These are simply the best picks I've ever used in my thirty-plus years of playing.
    Bob Green
    Portland, ME
  • I was skeptical at first, but once I received it and played with it, it didn't take too long before I adopted it! I picked a jazz style agate pick, it has a nice attack, it sound more crystaline to me than a reguliar plastic pick... Hope I will not loose it, because I'll be forced to buy an other one ;) Thanks!
  • This is a quality product. The service was excellent and I received my order in a timely fashion. I like these picks. Simple. Thanks and when I progress I will be purchasing more picks.
  • The stones are wonderful!!!! I've been using stone since the late 70's, and these are some of the best crafted picks I've ever seen and played. It has been difficult to find decent stone picks for the last twenty years, so I am thrilled at discovering Picks and Stones. And dealing with Johnny has been a 100% positive experience. Thanks for the beauty and the craftsmanship!
    Jim Cunningham
    Columbus, OH

  • The TONE from the stone gets it! I dig these picks, there wasn’t any "having to get used to" the transition of playing a different plectrum. The pick slides, articulation, clarity, the fact that the pick glides across the strings whether playing single notes or strumming make this an indispensable tool for any TONE seeker! The order was received promptly, I called the order in, totally informative and professional, yet very helpful, kind and generous with service, the type that is appreciated! Stone rocks! Thanx!
    Jimi Ocampo
    Woodland, CA

  • They are fantastic. I've been playing for a long time now, and these picks are a revelation. I get the impression I'm starting over, as far as picking hand technique is concerned. You may cite me on this, I'll be proud to contribute to your success.
    Ted Tunnicliffe

  • It's true: the density of material a pick is fashioned from makes all the difference, and Stone Tone is the gold standard.  The stone picks color the sound of the strings less than any pick I've ever tried and I've been through millions of types from plastic, brass, felt, and pocket change.  The attack is solid and the release is smooth as silk.  Electric strings sing like never before; it's like having a new tone pot: 10 is soaring and you can hear much more of a gradation of tone as you roll off the highs.  Acoustic strings are intensely more aggressive and articulate.  Chords explode and single note runs project like laser beams.  For someone like myself that plays thicker strings, finding a pick thick enough and dense enough for my taste has been difficult.  Thanks Picks and Stones.
    Ross Howell
    Mount Pleasant, MI

  • Excellent quality. I love the way these picks feel and perform. I will probably never go back to plastic again!!
    Doug Orgon
    Portage, IN

  • My picks arrived on Saturday (1MM & 1.5MM Teardrop and 1MM Jazz), WOW!! These are the ultimate picks!! The feel and tone are great, and I love the fact that they never wear out! It's great being able to get the same, consistent attack and tone every time. The workmanship is excellent, some stone picks I've seen on other sites look more like ancient arrowheads, yours are precise and professional, absolutely beautiful!! The 1MM Jazz is my favorite, works great with high-gain tones and speed picking. Also brings a lot of clarity to chords and distorted rhythms. I'll be ordering more as spares, these are awesome and I will spread the word! Thanks for a fantastic pick!
    Christopher Rapier
    Shoreline, WA

  • Beautiful tone and a piece of natural art! Great product and highly recommended!

  • I love the stone picks. I have used a wide variety of picks including Wegen picks specially suited for gypsy jazz, as well, as bone, horn, and the Dunlop super stubbies. What I like about the stone picks, besides their infinite durability is the innate lucid resonance created by the density of the stone itself. It is difficult to describe, but because of the variety of attack modes possible in a spectrum of plectrum effects, one can achieve everything from soft round tones that adumbrate "like gold medallions to the thumb" to sharp machine-gun like articulations singling out the special nuances of string harmonics rarely to be found on mere plastic edges...anyway, I digress, but I do love these picks...
    R L Cummings
    Northridge, CA

  • Of all the high end custom picks these are the real deal and money well spent. They never wear out and they sound great fast service nothing more to say…just you need one of these picks.
    New Jersey

  • Omigosh - unbelievable! Where have you BEEN all of my life? You have a lifelong user here for sure!!!

  • This is one COOL pick the tone is to die for. I have a hard time hanging on to picks, but this grip pick is just right in the thickness and feel. I can use the same pick on my PRS single cut or my Ken Smith Black Tiger Elite Bass!
    Don Waddle
    Stacy, MN

  • Excellent Customer Service, Johnny really took care of us. Outstanding craftsmanship. I love the feel of this pick - the grips, the size, the three different points each with their own thickness. The amber has a really crisp, clean, and brilliant tone. I've been going back and forth between my old plastic pick and the amber, and depending on what I'm playing the difference may be subtle or not so subtle. There's just something about the amber, it has life to it. Definitely my new favorite pick.
    Joey Mauro
    Austin, TX

  • I just bought a teardrop shaped 1.5 mm Brazilian agate pick and I love it. I was thinking that it might sound a bit metallic, but it has a beautiful, warm, full tone. It's a little smaller than I'm used to (about the size of a mandolin pick), but aside from that it's perfect. I'm never going back to plastic picks again.
    John H Maloney
    Whiting, NJ

  • I ordered and bought a few picks last month. This is totally fantastic. I think I will use them my whole my life. Thank you.
    Sota Niihara
    Tokyo, Japan

  • Today I got stone pick. It’s incredible, and amazing. In near future, I will order different type. I love your stone pick. Thank you.
    Akira Suzuki
    Tokyo, Japan.

  • I have received the picks and given them a good try out. They are both great and beautifully finished, I particularly like the Amber pick for its great tone and versatility. The Agate pick really amplifies the strings and sounds very dynamic, love them both. Very prompt service, thanks again.
    Renate Turner
    Salter Point, Australia

  • Far and away the best picks I've ever used and that includes Brasilian agates I got from an alternative maker a few years back.
    Stephen Bates
    Upper Belvedere

  • I returned a Brasilian Agate 1mm in exchange for a 1.5mm. FANTASTIC PICK!!!!!! GREAT FEEL!!!!!!! I also own a 2mm Brasilian that I use for acoustic. Thank you for all your help and for your personal attention and communication. Great craftsmanship. True artistry.
    William A. Driscoll
    Beachwood, NJ

  • I love these picks, thought I'd get a couple more. The 1mm are the best for me, used to using fender thicks, and they're not that much different. They feel fantastic, the attack is unreal. They absolutely kick ass. Only bummer I can see is on your end of things... selling such a good product that’s going to last forever. I'll keep my eye on your site, in case you start with different stone. Love them, love them, love them! Thanks.
    Dale Bodmer
    Mason, OH

  • This pick is magic, and what a look, it is thinner at the grip and picks up mass as it goes forward which I guess increases its strength, it plays like lightening. I think of these things like conductors of energy and this is like a super conductor. I can't thank you enough.
    Cornelius Schulman
    Holliswood, NY

  • I just barely bought, and tried my very first stone guitar pick. I love it. I like to play fast, and these picks just glide right across the strings. Great job with making these picks, seriously. I just have to say that the picks I've gotten so far are awesome, I really couldn't ask for anything better, and they also make great gifts. You'll probably see me purchasing more in the near future.
    William P. Cutrone Jr.
    Colchester, VT

  • I do play hard as I feel the harder you work the more tone you project.  Kinda glad I got 5 different stone picks from you so far.  Each has been a different shape, thickness, grooved, ungrooved, and stone type.  I believe I've found my favorite.  2.5mm grip- jazz, tripoint, dime (at least I think that was the pick I sent the pics of).  Thanks a lot for your picks.  Feel like I just passed through yet another hurdle in playing what I hear in my head.  My connection time from my mind to my hands seems to have been cut by a third.  I'll email you when it reaches a half.
    Jan London
    Teaneck, NJ

  • I was impressed with the sound and how my playing seemed to improve, I'm delighted with the gem stones smoothness and looks. These are just awesome I bought an assortment of 3 picks 2 thin,1 thick and I like both for different styles of music I play. Cool, Awesome, Great, Wonderful. I don't usually write reviews on stuff this is an exception. Thanks for a great product Picks & Stones.
    Vern Hill
    Near CDA, Idaho

  • Great picks.  Complete alternate tones for my mandolins, acoustic guitars and electric guitars!

  • The best $25 dollars I have ever spent on anything period! You hit the nail on the head as far as tone and shape are concerned. My shape preference is a jazz pick for ultimate precision and speed. My bandmates are still mystified by it, not really quite believing what they are hearing, and our bassist dubbed it the Pick of Destiny. I like to play a noisy, open chord choas style, and this pick is tailor-made to bring out the pinch and false harmonics of every conceivable inch of every string. I can't think of a better material to use than this agate for picks! Without equal!
    Collin, Baltimore

  • Hi Johnny, I want to thank you again. The picks are arrived are really
    beautiful.....It's amazing my sound it's wholly changed. It seems I've
    change guitar or amp.
    Marco, Italy

  • The picks are fantastic, the sound and quality of the stones is excellent. I'm now able to get the sound I've been looking for from my bass. Megan was a great help. I had some problems with the online store and she responded very quickly, even processing my order manually.
    Kris, Vancouver

  • My traditional 1.5mm Montana pick arrived in the UK just 3 days after dispatch, beautifully secured. I was immediately surprised by how light it was and, dispite the highly polished surface, the grip it afforded. It revealed tone lurking beneath the soundboard that I never knew existed, fat, warm tone. A must have addition to any guitarist's arsenal, acoustic or electric.
    Philip, Basildon, England

  • I did not expect that a pick could change the tone so dramatically. I'm impressed with the smoothness, the lack of "clicking" from the pick, and the depth of the sound. Thanks for a great product.
    Andrew, Los Altos Hills, California

  • With these beautiful polished stone picks, the ease of playability, the quality of service, and, most importantly, the control over tone you have as a player, why anyone chooses to stick with crappy plastic picks is beyond me. Thank you, Picks and Stones!
    Will Haight, Sewanee, TN

  • The combo grip offered a choice of three distinct tones, a very smooth action with little string noise and a good feel in my hand. Excellent, best I've ever used and I've tried quite a few over the years.
    Thanks for picking out a good one Johnny, I love it.
    Hank Imhof, Hummelstown, PA

  • I've been using Jazz III picks for ages, so when I became interested in stone picks, I decided not to go for something vastly different and got a 1,5mm Brazillian agate jazz pick. It's in my comfort zone that way. My first impression was that it just plays so much more smoothly than regular jazz III's. It gets from string to string with much less effort and sweeps just flow smoothly. Like many others have said, there's much less "pick-sound" with the stone pick than with plastic, and that's definitely a plus I think. A concern of mine was that the glassy surface would slip out of my hand easilly (I got a non-grip pick), but it hasn't yet and it actually sits more firmly between my fingers than the Jazz III's did. I'm very satisfyed indeed.
    Casper Sørensen, Vejle, Denmark

  • Not only is your Picks and Stones a great idea for clarity and stellar tone, I not only loved the sound, I decided to buy one for my wife as a necklace for Valentine's Day. It's something we can always share together as my pick is usually in my pocket, hers will be around her neck. Thanks for such a terrific product.
    Jim Swanson
    "Horsepower - The Band"

  • I have been using the 3mm Brasilan Agate Tri-Point Style Guitar Pick for about a year now....and it is fabulous!!!! You guys made me a great pick that has improved my tone and the way I approach the instrument. I can't tell you how happy I am about the pick you made me. This email is a long time coming...but I wanted you to know what a great job you've done. I'm ordering 4 more before the month is over.Thank you so very much.
    Michelle Webb,
    LISTEN to Michelle play with her gemstone pick.

  • I`ve really discovered the claw.. the fastest point ever! Amazing experience - fulfills every claim you made. Travels with the speed of light - and without a sound! I Feel I have to point out that I`m usually disappointed with people and their makings, often including myself - so I don't brag easy about anything. It's just very exciting to come across new tools that really pushes things forward, after so many years of playing. Thank you!
    Willy, Oslo, Norway

  • I purchased a Jazz pick from you around Christmas. During the same time I spent a few hundred dollars on various other high end picks wood, bone horn... Well the Bloodstone Jazz pick is the only pick I will use anymore. You have a wonderful product and are a pleasure dealing with. Thank you for all that you do!
    James Iacobelli, Las Vegas, CA

  • The package arrived today. The picks were packed nicely and carefully. Thank you for the quick delivery. I will need to get used to the picks to have a detailed opinion but my first impressions are nothing but positive. These are great picks and the size and the bevel are very close to what I am most comfortable with.
    -Peter Antal, Dunaharaszti, Hungary

  • Bravo!
    You guys are ARTISTS !
    For me it's the first time I play with a stonemade pick : it is completly a different feeling, touch & sound; so I have to get used to it. I like it!
    ...I told my wife, if it turns out that I won't be using this picks for any reasons, they would look beautiful on her as earings !!!
    -Real Trepanier, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • I was stunned by the tonal difference when using your picks. I've used all sorts of picks in my career as a guitarist and guitar teacher - plastic, ebony, horn, bone, even tortoise shell (sorry animal lovers!) - and I thought I'd heard it all, yet my ears perked up at the first note. The sound is so much clearer, smoother and deeper that I don't think I could use anything else again. Many thanks for a great product.
    -James, Oakland, CA

  • The stone picks are really beautiful in looks, craftmanship and sound! The tone I get is really something I've never heard before, bigger in all directions! Takes a while to get used to, especially if you've been playing thinner nylons before, and they might not be the choice for all applications, but the sound.....! They are now my main picks.
    ...and they don't wear!
    - Olav, Oslo, Norway

  • The extremely smooth surface does give the pick a very smooth glide off of the string, which is what I love. They make picking feel more natural and not so labored, sweep picking is an absolute dream. For playing clean and acoustic parts, these picks had a very smooth, even, round tone and volume across all of the strings. It seemed to give my clean electric sound more acoustic type qualities and my acoustic guitar more classical qualities. That's not saying that my electric guitar would pass as an acoustic or my acoustic for a classical, but it gave each that more full sound I described earlier. I even did a blind test with my girlfriend, who doesn't play any instrument, and she could even pick out (no pun intended) which pick I was playing with. There's even this one song I play for her that she just absolutely loves, and now with your stone picks, she loves it even more. I think your products are well worth the money, a lot of people might be skeptical of such an expensive pick, but you get what you pay for.

  • The pick is great for playing loud, but I haven't found a way yet to use it for softer sounds without getting an annoying strike sound.

  • I Received my first three pics a few days ago and.. what can I say.. well -the combo pick immediatly grabbed my focus.. it took me about a minute of testing to realize that this is the best pick I`ve ever had, through over 30 years of playing (12 pro.) After playing with it for some days I`m just amazed - a little twist and you totally change the attack and sound. Love it!
    Thank you for beautiful work, the combo breakes new ice!
    -Willy, Oslo, Norway

  • Picks and stones offered me the solution I was looking for but couldn't find anywere! The picks are absolutely high quality, and there's a solution for everyone's need. The customer service is perfect! Let's talk about some serious tone now!
    - Luc Mees, Leefdaal, Brussels

  • Thank you for my order which I received today. One word to cover
    -Colin, Great Britain

  • "I am a professional studio musician having played, recorded and toured all over the world. I have been playing professionally for over thirty years and I am always looking for solutions that make it easier to play music. Stone picks are fantastic! Smooth, consistant and great tone. I have been playing with various plastic picks in every style imaginable and I cannot go back. Not only great tone, but for me ecologically sound, as I go through several gross of plastic picks annually, and am happy i have something that will not wear out, and will not end up in landfill. The only thing I worry about now is losing these beautiful picks in my somewhat absent-minded way!! LOL.
    I also really appreciated the personal response to my questions, and the serious attention to quality and detail as well as a clear and focused follow through. These professional qualities will always make me a repeat customer."
    -John March, Los Angeles, California
    -LISTEN to John March playing with a Picks and Stones stone pick!

  • "I just received my picks and I'm blown away. They are the best stone picks I've ever tried. They are warm sounding and flawless! even the blemished one I purchased at a lower price plays evenly and flawlessly. I've already recommended your picks to some guitarist friends. If anyone out there is looking to warm up their sound and play with something that looks and feels amazing you may want to try out these picks. Please keep making them!!
    David Occhipinti, Toronto, Canada

  • I received the 4 picks and I must say they far outperformed to my expectations!! They are EXACTLY what I wanted and what I needed. I use the teardrops for various jazz tunes with fusion melodies that require speed in the grooves. I use the 351's for solid R&B low end roll off. Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into them and if you wish, you can use me as a reference any time!! I feel as though it was money well spent and I got the best of the deal!!
    -Mike Palma, Schenectady, New York

  • I' ve been playing guitar for about 10 years and recently bought my first two stone picks... and boy am I amazed!! I love the shape of my plastic picks but they sound and feel like... plastic. Now I have two stone picks and I just LOVE them! Shape, feel, attack, sound and the claw. Everything is perfect. And they are so beautiful! I will definately buy more of these. Thanks! =)
    Katja, Tampere, Finland

  • I think John Wood is an artist. I only discovered the 'Picks & Stones' webpage by accident just searching the web looking for 'any' decent 2mm pick. I read all the information & bought two of these fabulous guitar picks. Delivery was very fast. The way an item is packaged says a lot about the company & it's commitment to always providing their customers with a quality product. The workmanship was fantastic. I absolutely love these gemstone picks. They look, feel & sound amazing!!! I can only wish both John & his partner Megan every success for the future. They have totally changed my guitar playing experience for the better !!!
    Vic Lowe, Northern Ireland

  • "I’ve been using stone guitar picks for over 20 years. Picks and Stones makes the best stone picks I have ever used. My custom order resulted in picks that met my specifications and greatly exceeded my expectations. Over the years, I’ve purchased stone picks from every vendor on the “net”. Picks and Stones is the only vendor that has met my expectations. Their craftsmanship and attention to details is unsurpassed."
    -Wayne, Portland, Oregon

  • Thanks for getting my recent order to me so quickly. I have totally given up on plastic or nylon picks, and I've been using your stone picks and some wooden picks only. Your picks are a work of art and they sound great as well. And let's face it, we don't need to worry about the durability, do we? I have been letting fellow string benders borrow stone picks, and they tell me that they are great. Thanks again.
    -Jeff, CA

  • The attack is not as agressive as plastic, very smooth. Triplets are effortless. I seem to get from string to string quicker, but who knows. I was a little wary of spending twenty bucks on a pick, but there is no wear at all and after a year I still have it. I guess it's like buying an expensive pair of sunglasses, you tend to keep better track of them than the ones you paid $2.00 for at the Turnpike reststop.
    -Picks and Stones Customer

  • "Thank you for your quality products and your personal touch!... Stone picks are beautifully smooth in touch and I was amazed by how controllable they are when you know that stone doesn't flex.... I do not know how many Japanese guitarists use your stone picks at this time and I am going to brag about my stone picks for awhile for sure.
    I am sure I will be re-visiting your web site from time to time to find your quality picks.... I am really happy for what I have purchased. I hope I can build a good relationships with you guys for times to come."
    -Customer. Tokyo, Japan

  • Only one word would say it all : per-fect ! I used to have a stone pick years ago until I unfortunately lost it. I looked around but never seemed to find anything convincing. Then, not so long ago, I came upon Picks&Stones and decided to try and order two picks : one 2.0mm Montana Agate Classic and one 1.5mm Blemished Brazilian Agate Classic (for which, by the way, you really have to look hard to find the "blemish" !). I received my picks barely one week later, neatly wrapped in a little carton box : these people do care about their production travelling safely, folks ! Now, not only are the picks perfectly crafted and finished but the sound is truly what I remembered - and loved - from my previous stone buddy. The only thing one should be aware of (but that's none of Picks&Stones responsibility) is that agate picks really are amazing to play but the player's intent has to be true and... intentional. If you're going to doodle around looking for ideas at three o'clock in the morning and not wanting to disturb a neighbor, use one of your plastic picks. Stone picks require precision. But once your tune has come together and the sun's up, grab a tasty stone pick and discover what your tune really has to say!
    -Emmanuel. Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

  • "Stone picks have always been my preferred medium but this 1 mm device you have conceived is a true breakthrough! "
    - Customer, Jamaica, NY

  • "I received a Montana Agate pick from you about a week ago and I want to tell you how impressed I am. The pick is perfectly formed - symetrical with the edges beautifully rounded. The flat parts are flat - not wavey - and the pick is polished to a soft gloss. A very attractive item. The important aspect, however, is how it plays. And that is simply great! Solid attack, butter smooth release and NO pick slap. I love it. It's even helped my speed a little.
    I am also quite pleased with your service. Delivery was quite timely and your emails kept me informed where things stood in the process of packing and delivery. Thank you for a great product and good service. I do have one problem, though. Now I want to get a whole collection of picks made from all the different stones you offer. I will be ordering from Picks and Stones again."
    - Len Dailey, Colfax, WA

  • "I am writing to tell you that I did receive the replacement pick in time for the holiday. Thank you so much for taking care of this for me. The pick is very high quality ... beautiful work! I am very happy about the service you gave me."
    -Art Mawson, Haverhill, MA




The Ultimate substitute for the forbidden fruit of Tortoise Shell Picks.

"With these beautiful polished stone picks, the ease of playability, the quality of service, and, most importantly, the control over tone you have as a player; Why anyone chooses to stick with crappy plastic picks is beyond me. Thank you, Picks and Stones!"

"The best $25 dollars I have ever spent on anything period!"

"I've owned stone guitar picks for over 15 years, but these are by far the best I've ever seen. The quality is excellent and the finish is perfect. I highly recommend these picks."

Wow. My tone is changed completely. As soon as I got used to the pick (about 2 days)
I was acheiving the tone I had been stiving for for years.
Worth every penny.

I've used stone for 20 plus years, but none have had the bevel just right...till now! Thank you.

I didn't know what to expect from a stone pick, and spending this much on a pick was either going to be a great decision or a really bad one. Now that I've played with it a few hours, I'm delighted with the brilliant tone and wonderful resonance. It will take some getting used to, but I'm looking forward to rediscovering my guitar - this is how it's supposed to sound!

The attack is not as agressive as plastic, very smooth. Triplets are effortless. I seem to get from string to string quicker, but who knows. I was a little wary of spending twenty bucks on a pick, but there is no wear at all and after a year I still have it.

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