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Sampler Packs Don't know which Pick to choose? Our variety packs have something for everyone!

Customer Reviews

"Picks and stones offered me the solution I was looking for but couldn't find anywere! The picks are absolutely high quality, and there's a solution for everyone's need. The customer service is perfect!"

"The combo pick immediatly grabbed my focus.. it took me about a minute of testing to realize that this is the best pick I`ve ever had, through over 30 years of playing. A little twist and you totally change the attack and sound. Love it!"

"Thank you for my order. One word to cover
everything... Brilliant!"

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combo picks

Combo Picks

Why choose between a Jazz, Teardrop, or Traditional pick when you can get all three in one Combo pick? Now you can have a Traditional, Jazz, and Teardrop guitar pick in your fingers at one time without having to reach for them in the middle of a song.

With a range of points and shoulders from sharpest to roundest a great many shape combinations can be made. A slightly inverted angle can create an even sharper point called the Claw. Dimes, Pennies, Nickles, and Quarters can be used to make even rounder shoulders. Combo picks are also be made with Grips!


Click Here to see our current stock of Combo Picks.

Classic Shapes can be broken down into their component parts, giving us a variety of Points and Shoulders ranging from the sharpest (1) to the roundest (7)....

With this key many new shapes can be created using combinations of Points, Shoulders, and more....


1-3-4 Combo Pick

Example 1 is a combination of a Jazz Point (1), a Traditional Point (3), and a Tri-point (4)= 1-3-4

Example 1


Various sized circles can be added to the mix to give even more varieties of shapes in combination with Points, Shoulders, and more...


Example 2
Example 2 is a combination of a Jazz Point (1), a Traditional Point (3), and a Dime (D)= 1-3-D

The Claw

The Claw is a Point with one side Inverted which allows for even sharper points than the Jazz Point (1). Claws vary in sharpness on each different shape we offer.

Though they do create a fine point they aren't too "snappy" and they don't "snag" the strings. On the contrary, the Claw allows for greater speed and precission in your attack.

For an interesting twist, try The Claw on a Soft Beveled Grip Pick (Bass Pick.) This combines the Sharpness of the Claw with the Softness of the Bevel for a very interesting effect. Check out our Claws currently in stock.


Example 3 is a combination of a Teardrop Point (2), a Traditional Point (3), and The Claw (C)= 2-3-C

Example 3

If you have any questions or special requests just email us and we'll let you know what we can do for you.


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