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Customer Reviews

"Picks and stones offered me the solution I was looking for but couldn't find anywere! The picks are absolutely high quality, and there's a solution for everyone's need. The customer service is perfect!"

"The combo pick immediatly grabbed my focus.. it took me about a minute of testing to realize that this is the best pick I`ve ever had, through over 30 years of playing. A little twist and you totally change the attack and sound. Love it!"

"Thank you for my order. One word to cover
everything... Brilliant!"

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Let our Picks speak for themselves!

Each of the samples below was recorded using a Picks and Stones' Gemstone Guitar Pick.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the same must be true for music, at least to the musicians ear. Professional musicians are meticulous about the tone they get from their equipment, and they like what they get from Picks and Stones. When you make your living from music, you want the broadest possible range for your voice, and Stone Picks expand that range significantly. And as a professional musician you need consistency, when you have something that works you want it to last forever. Picks and Stones delivers the everlasting tone that working musicians around the world count on everyday. But don't take our word for it, listen for yourself...

The Black Crowes


Been A Long Time (Waiting On Love) - From the Cabin Fever DVD and double album Before The Frost...Until The Freeze (2009). Recorded at Levon Helm Studios, in Woodstock, NY

Legendary rockers The Black Crowes came out with their highly acclaimed double live album and movie in 2009 featuring 19 great new songs all recorded with Picks and Stones Gemstone Guitar Picks! Founding member Rich Robinson and North Mississippi Allstars' Luther Dickinson both use gemstone guitar picks throughout the recording of this groundbreaking project. The companion movie "Cabin Fever" takes you behind the scenes of the recording process and puts you right in the front row of a great show!

New Album New Movie
Buy The Black Crowes NEW Album and Movie
Featuring Picks and Stones Gemstone Guitar Picks!

Michael "Suke" Cerulo

Schleigho: "Go Children Slow" 4.4.09 Troy, NY from Clinton Vadnais on Vimeo.

Suke Cerulo is a professional guitarist/musician living in New York City and has been playing for 30 years. Suke is a founding member of the band "Schleigho" touring nationally for over 10 years averaging over 200 shows a year and released 5 CD's of which 2 were on a "Flying Frog Records" owned and managed by member of the Allman Brothers Band. Currently Suke tours with "Lynch" which features members of the band "Conehead Buddha" and "moe." When not touring Suke teaches over 60 guitar students a week. Suke uses a Brasilian Agate 2mm Jazz Style Grip Pick w/Right Side Sharp Bevel.

Gisle Torvik


Evolution: Live from Hardingtonar 2009.

Gisle Torvik - guitar 
Trond Akerø-Kleven - grand piano 
Sondre Meisfjord - doublebass 
Andreas Bratlie - drums

Gisle works as a guitarist, composer, producer and arranger in Oslo, Norway. He teaches guitar, harmony, arranging, composing, and music theory at many schools. Torvik is first and foremost a jazz guitarist, but has worked in all forms of music. Please check his website for his latest Recordings.

Gisle says; "The picks sounds like nothing else I've ever tried. They provide richness, warmth and a distinctive great tone!"

Brett Norton

Picks and Stones Demo

Brett Norton has been playing guitar for over twenty years, and teaching for over twelve years with around 35 students at any given time. He has played guitar and sang for the band ZONA under management of Al Nalli (Blackfoot, Brownsville Station, Skynyrd) and tutelage of Rickey Medlocke, also of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot fame. The group toured the state of Florida and at one point, had landed on air in no less than ten radio markets nationwide as an unsigned act. He is currently a mechanical engineering student at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, and a guitar instructor at a local Music and Arts Center.


John March

John March

John is a professional musician living in Los Angeles, California. He is currently working with muliple bands and recording projects, and frequently tours the US and abroad. He uses Picks and Stones picks exclusively in his recordings and stage shows. For these recordings, John used a Montana Agate 2mm Traditional Style Pick (he only uses the shoulders.)

Click here to read John March's review of our stone picks.

Pick Demo

backing track written, recorded and performed by Dr. Ika, (Irakli Kikvadze), Hatfield, Herts, AL10 8DN, UK. Guitar overdubs and featured solo by John March.


Guitarist John March along with LA session singer/keyboard player Jeff Paris.


Guitarist John March along with LA session singer/keyboard player Jeff Paris.

David Occhipinti
David Ochipinti

Guitarist/composer David Occhipinti lives in Toronto, Canada. He has four CD's featuring his own compositions: David Occhipinti (1997), Syzygy (1999), Intersection (2003) and a new one to be released in 2007.

David has 2 duo CD's out with saxophonist Mike Murley. Duologue (2002) was nominated for a Juno Award, a National Jazz Award and a Canadian Music "Indie" Award. Duologue Vol.2 was recorded in 2005.

David studied in New York with the legendary jazz guitarist Jim Hall during the mid 1990's.

David has toured in Canada, the US, Europe and Japan.

David Occhipinti teaches guitar at the University of Toronto and at Humber College.

Click here to read David Ochhipinti's review of our stone picks.

Heart and Mind
Original composition by David Occhipinti, from his album Duologue vol. 2. David uses a Brasilian Agate 1mm Jazz Style Pick. Stone pick used on lead guitar only on this track.

Within the Widening Gyre
Original composition by David Occhipinti, from the CD Forty Revolutions available on Itunes and from David's website.

Michelle Webb

Michelle Webb

Recognized as an incredibly creative and innovative guitarists, composer and improviser, New Mexico based musician Michelle Webb is one of the most electrifying and original guitarist today. A restless collaborator who constantly seeks the most diverse and personally challenging contexts for her music. Michelle has developed a highly individual, inimitable style from an uncommonly varied range of influences.

Michelle Webb has built an ever mounting reputation as a very talented composer. She scored the music for such independent films as Hospice directed by Ken Forestal & Silent Movie directed by Michael Torrez as well as video games for Cyberlore studios and interactive content for America Online.

Click here to read Michelle's review of our stone picks.

So What-Miles Davis

Fred - Allan Holdsworth

The Smattering- Michelle Webb

Matt Boland
Mathew Boland

Originally from New York State, Matthew studied finger style and classical guitar at an early age under the tutelage of Ignacio (Nate) Veccio.  He advanced his study of the guitar by attending Boston's Berklee College of Music from 1980 to 1984 and graduating with a Bachelors of Music degree in guitar performance. 

Matthew's playing styles are primarily Classical, Jazz and Latin guitar but he has studied and played many different styles of music.  He has performed in bands in the Boston area playing Rock and Blues as well as playing in a variety of acoustic formats.

The following tracks were recorded using Jazzbacks backing tracks.

Round Midnight
Recorded with a 3mm Montana Agate Jazz Style Pick

How Insensitive

Recorded with a 3mm Brasilian Agate Teardrop Style Pick

Altered Ending
Altered Ending

Altered Ending is an up and coming hard rock band from Acron, Ohio, featuring twins Cody and Corey Gregis on guitar and bass. Guitarist Cody Gregis made a marginal leap towards his future after having secured the title "Best Guitarist/Cleveland" in 2006 at the Emergenza Festival held at Cleveland's infamous Peabody's Night Club, while his twin, Corey Gregis secured runner up in "Best Bassist".

Both Corey and Cody use Picks and Stones Gemstone Guitar Picks.

King of Impolite


Calm Water

Than Medlam

Than Medlam has been playing professionally around the Kansas/Oklahoma area since 1996, playing guitar, trombone, and singing myriad styles from jazz to rock, country, blues, and even reggae. His current group, Equilibrium is a neo-urban-soul-jazz quintet based in Oklahoma City, and were the winners of the OKC Gazette's "Woody" award for best jazz band in 2009.
He teaches guitar privately, and is an adjunct vocal performance instructor at ACM@UCO

From the High Desert
Recorded with a Brasilian Agate 2.5mm Jazz Style Double Grip Pick.

Don Scott
Don Scott

Don Scott is a guitarist and composer based in Toronto, Canada.  Notably, he has performed and recorded with jazz luminaries David Binney, Chris Potter, and Ernest Ranglin, and also performs in many diverse projects featuring his original music.  He is in demand as a bandleader, sideman, and teacher in Canada.

Don studied guitar in New York with Ben Monder and Adam Rogers.  He is also the recipient of numerous grants to compose, record, tour, and promote his music.

Look for new and upcoming albums featuring Don Scott’s compositions by these groups:  Don Scott Quartet;  Peripheral Vision;  God’s Gift To Yoda;  Run Stop Run

Go To Bed
(Peripheral Vision) – recorded with a 2mm Brasilian Agate (1-4-D) Combo Grip Pick.  Guitar solo is featured from 3:00-4:40 of this track.

Maurice Libby (Whiteboy Slim)
Whiteboy Slim

Whiteboy Slim was born in Vancouver, raised in the Canadian prairies, and came of age in the Blues clubs of Toronto, with many stops along the way. He is now based in Saskatchewan where he has released three CDs of music that are both traditional and experimental at the same time. On his newest release, "I'm Still Here", released May 31, 2010 on Desmond and Hodi Records, most of the guitar solos were played with a 2mm Brasilian Agate Jazz Style Guitar Pick.

Hey Little Girl

Solo recorded with a 2mm Brasilian Agate Jazz Style Guitar Pick.

Live Wire

Solo recorded with a 2mm Brasilian Agate Jazz Style Guitar Pick.

Tung Le
Tung Le

Tung Le was born in Saigon, Vietnam and trainned in Jazz discipline at McMaster University and Mohawk College (BA Music). He is a professional musician/teacher for over 25 years. Tung is a Featured Artist on Guitar9 Records 

Do the Chicky -JP 3

JP Clean 2


The Ultimate substitute for the forbidden fruit of Tortoise Shell Picks.

"With these beautiful polished stone picks, the ease of playability, the quality of service, and, most importantly, the control over tone you have as a player; Why anyone chooses to stick with crappy plastic picks is beyond me. Thank you, Picks and Stones!"

"The best $25 dollars I have ever spent on anything period!"

"I've owned stone guitar picks for over 15 years, but these are by far the best I've ever seen. The quality is excellent and the finish is perfect. I highly recommend these picks."

Wow. My tone is changed completely. As soon as I got used to the pick (about 2 days)
I was acheiving the tone I had been stiving for for years.
Worth every penny.

I've used stone for 20 plus years, but none have had the bevel just right...till now! Thank you.

I didn't know what to expect from a stone pick, and spending this much on a pick was either going to be a great decision or a really bad one. Now that I've played with it a few hours, I'm delighted with the brilliant tone and wonderful resonance. It will take some getting used to, but I'm looking forward to rediscovering my guitar - this is how it's supposed to sound!

The attack is not as agressive as plastic, very smooth. Triplets are effortless. I seem to get from string to string quicker, but who knows. I was a little wary of spending twenty bucks on a pick, but there is no wear at all and after a year I still have it.

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