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Customer Reviews

"Picks and stones offered me the solution I was looking for but couldn't find anywere! The picks are absolutely high quality, and there's a solution for everyone's need. The customer service is perfect!"

"The combo pick immediatly grabbed my focus.. it took me about a minute of testing to realize that this is the best pick I`ve ever had, through over 30 years of playing. A little twist and you totally change the attack and sound. Love it!"

"Thank you for my order. One word to cover
everything... Brilliant!"

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What's So Special About Stone Guitar Picks?

If you've never tried a Picks and Stones Gemstone Guitar Pick you may be wondering "What's so special about Stone Guitar Picks?" The answer is...

Stone Tone

The first and foremost feature of the stone guitar pick is its incredible tone quality and the full resonance it gives to your instruments voice. To understand the difference between stone and plastic it's important to know that stringed instruments have an aspect of percussion to them.

The "Plectrum" or "Pick" is used to "strike" the strings, much the way that a hammer strikes a bell. Could you imagine striking a bell with a plastic hammer? Yet we use various types of plastic to strike the strings of our instruments never thinking of how it effects their voices.

Plastic dampens and absorbs the tonal potential of the strings and even makes a flicking clicking noise that we just get used to. Stone is harder than the metal of the strings and doesn't absorb any of the initial impact of your attack. Part of the Stone Pick experience is the absence of plastic, and the completion of our instrument's voice.

Have a listen...


Guitarist John March along with LA session singer/keyboard player Jeff Paris.


Gemstone Guitar Picks are both Gemstones, and Guitar Picks. There is no difference between the stones we use to make Picks and the stones that are used to make jewelry. Like jewelry, no two stone picks are alike, but all are real specimens.

Most every Gemstone Guitar Pick is absolutely beautiful, but we take no credit for the colors and patterns in the stone, they were already beautiful.

It is a great reward to remove the outer layers of an Agate and expose its' incredible design to the world. But aesthetics are secondary to the practical nature of the guitar pick, a wonderful bonus!


Gemstone guitar picks will last for hundreds, if not thousands of years! In fact, they are made from stones that formed over the past ten thousand years and there's no reason they can't go on for ten thousand more.

Though Stone Picks are stronger than glass, they can break under similar circumstances. Be especially careful over cement floors or asphalt and never put thin stone picks in your wallet.

It is unlikely that your Stone pick will ever chip or scratch so if you don't pass it on to you children it never loses its resale value. Needless to say, it could be the last Guitar Pick you ever buy.


Until recently, there has been a relatively limited variety of guitar pick shapes to choose from. Combo picks have opened the door to a broad new field of possibilities.

You can have the primary Features of three different Picks combined into one extremely versatile pick. Have you ever tried to change guitar picks between songs? How about in the middle of a song? If you consider making such adjustments too difficult to deal with, now it's more possible than ever before.

Check out our Combo Picks page to see what can be done with our basic building blocks. And of course check out the Combo Picks currently in stock.


We spend a lot of time comparing Gemstone Guitar Picks to plastic Picks and of course there's simply no contest. But even more importantly, the Picks and Stones Gemstone Guitar Pick is heads and shoulders above other stone pick companies.

Some of these companies are importing from China where working conditions are notorious and workers receive unfair wages for their hard labor. You can tell who these companies are by their low prices, it's fairly obvious. Don't you want your stone picks to be made by happy healthy people, and preferably not too far away?

Some stone pick companies are started by a lapidist (or stone worker) who can make the picks, but doesn't play the guitar. Our Picks are made by a professional lapidist who is also a professional musician. Johnny Wood has been playing guitar for over 25 years and knows what guitarists want. Johnny has also been a guitarist on a budget and prices his work fairly so that it is available to anyone with the right priorities. Professional guitarists around the world rely on Johnnys' meticulous craftmanship, and so should you.

You may want a stone guitar pick made from obsidian or tigers eye, but be wary of companies selling these picks. We have done extensive testing on the wide variety of materials out there and 99% do not make good guitar picks. It was a sad realization for us, and we understand if it's dissappointing to you as well. But these materials are unstable or cannot retain an adequate coat of polish. Unless you want a novelty item and not a guitar pick, do not buy picks made from:

All Jaspers (Very Rare Exceptions)

All Glass

All Obsidian

Moss Agates

Tigers Eye (All variations)




The Ultimate substitute for the forbidden fruit of Tortoise Shell Picks.

"With these beautiful polished stone picks, the ease of playability, the quality of service, and, most importantly, the control over tone you have as a player; Why anyone chooses to stick with crappy plastic picks is beyond me. Thank you, Picks and Stones!"

"The best $25 dollars I have ever spent on anything period!"

"I've owned stone guitar picks for over 15 years, but these are by far the best I've ever seen. The quality is excellent and the finish is perfect. I highly recommend these picks."

Wow. My tone is changed completely. As soon as I got used to the pick (about 2 days)
I was acheiving the tone I had been stiving for for years.
Worth every penny.

I've used stone for 20 plus years, but none have had the bevel just right...till now! Thank you.

I didn't know what to expect from a stone pick, and spending this much on a pick was either going to be a great decision or a really bad one. Now that I've played with it a few hours, I'm delighted with the brilliant tone and wonderful resonance. It will take some getting used to, but I'm looking forward to rediscovering my guitar - this is how it's supposed to sound!

The attack is not as agressive as plastic, very smooth. Triplets are effortless. I seem to get from string to string quicker, but who knows. I was a little wary of spending twenty bucks on a pick, but there is no wear at all and after a year I still have it.

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