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Sampler Packs Don't know which Pick to choose? Our variety packs have something for everyone!

Customer Reviews

"Picks and stones offered me the solution I was looking for but couldn't find anywere! The picks are absolutely high quality, and there's a solution for everyone's need. The customer service is perfect!"

"The combo pick immediatly grabbed my focus.. it took me about a minute of testing to realize that this is the best pick I`ve ever had, through over 30 years of playing. A little twist and you totally change the attack and sound. Love it!"

"Thank you for my order. One word to cover
everything... Brilliant!"

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Tone Factors

We have many different guitar picks to choose from, here's a simple guide to help you find the right one for you. There are many factors that affect the tone of the pick: Thickness, Shape, Bevel, Mass, and Stone Density. You'll find that there are many ways to combine the elements of soft and sharp attacks, by using a sharp point with a soft bevel, or a soft point with a sharp bevel. Below is a brief discusion of each of these factors:


Thickness (or thin-ness) of the guitar pick can make an impact on the volume of your tone. Picks and Stones offers the thinnest stone guitar picks at 2mm, 1.5mm, and 1mm thin! We occasionally have Ultra-Thin Agate Picks (0.8mm thin) available in our Rare Picks section. Thicker picks have greater mass which can translate into greater volume, especially on acoustic instruments with no artificial amplification. Thinner picks have a sleeker feel in your fingers and have a naturally sharp attack.

We also make 2.5mm and 3mm guitar picks for those who desire greater mass. But for those of you who prefer an even thicker pick, we also offer Grip Picks. These picks are much thicker than our original picks: they range from 2mm-5mm thick.

Grip Picks have specially designed grooves to help them stay in your fingers. Even the sweatiest palms will be able to grip these picks! Thicker picks can be made with a sharp bevel that gives you the playing edge of a much thinner pick, see Bevel for more info. So if you want the mass of a thick Pick, without giving up the sharp attack of a thin Pick, you can have the best of both worlds.

Thin Picks (1-1.5mm)
Great for use with electric instruments
Great for lead and rhythm Guitars.
Thick Picks (2-3mm)
Great for jazz rhythm and lead playing
Great for use with electric, accoustic, and bass instruments.
Grip Picks (2mm-5mm)
Great for loud accoustic playing- rhythm and lead
Especially suited for Bluegrass and Gypsy Jazz styles.
Grip Picks with Soft Bevels are recommended for Bass Guitar .



To begin with, we offer four Classic guitar pick shapes; the Traditional style, the Jazz style, the Teardrop style, and the Tri-Point style. We also offer a myriad of Combo Picks using a breakdown of these basic shapes and a few other interesting features as well.

The Combo styles allow the player to choose three different points and have them all on one pick. The range of points and shoulders go from sharp to rounded with The Claw allowing for even sharper points than the Jazz Point.

The sharper the Point the sharper the attack and the rounder the shoulder the softer the attack. Each and every possible playing edge can be used for lead and rhythm playing depending only on the desired effect.



The term "Bevel" refers to the subtle shape of the edge of the pick, which can be rounded (Soft) or it can be Sharp coming almost to a point. Our thinner picks (from 1-1.5mm) are already as Sharp as they can be despite their rounded edges.

Our Bevel options are available on picks from 2-5mm so you can have a thick pick (or a Grip Pick) with the playing edge of a much thinner pick. With a sharp Beveled edge, a thicker pick combines the qualities of thick and thin.

Thick picks offer greater mass and therefore greater volume, and with the sharp Bevel they can be as snappy and crisp sounding as a 1mm pick. Our Right Side Sharp Bevel (and Left Side Sharp for Left Handed Players) has a slight twist to the point that adjusts for the angle of the pick, making for an even sharper attack.

For a great Bass Guitar Pick try an Xtra thick pick (3-5mm) with a Soft Bevel, the effect is a Soft and Poppy Tone that sounds very close to using a well calloused finger. Below is an example of Bevels as though you were looking at the edge of the picks.


Thickness, size, and stone density are all part of what gives a pick its mass. Mass is more than just weight, it's ballast that literally fortifies your attack. All of our picks range in mass, but thicker picks have greater Mass and therefore greater Tone and Volume.

This is why we recommend Grip Picks for all acoustic applications when you want to be well heard, especially when your accompaniment threatens to drown you out.

Thinner picks can still be used on accoustic instruments but really shine on electric guitars where their voices are clean and clear. Thicker picks can have sharp Beveled edges combining the sharp attack of thin picks with the Mass of thick picks.


Stone Density

The most important factor that effects the overall tone of a stone guitar pick is the Density of the stone itself. This is the reason we focus our production mainly on Brasilian Agate which is the densest and most consistent of the Agate family.

Amber is our newest product and though it's relatively soft compared to agate, it's still more dense than plastics. More importantly, Amber is equal in density and performance to the banned Tortoise Shell guitar picks used by generations of guitarists. Though Amber is softer than agate, it has arguably the warmest richest tone quality of them all. Please see our Amber Picks page for more information on the qualities of amber Picks.

Mohs Hardness Scale
Diamond 10.0
Bloodstone 7.0-7.5
Agates 7.0-7.5
Petrified Wood 7.0-7.5
Quartz 7.0-7.5
Amber 2.5
Tortoise Shell 2.5
Plastic Group 1-2

This chart is for reference only; not all of the materials are used for guitar picks.


The Ultimate substitute for the forbidden fruit of Tortoise Shell Picks.

"With these beautiful polished stone picks, the ease of playability, the quality of service, and, most importantly, the control over tone you have as a player; Why anyone chooses to stick with crappy plastic picks is beyond me. Thank you, Picks and Stones!"

"The best $25 dollars I have ever spent on anything period!"

"I've owned stone guitar picks for over 15 years, but these are by far the best I've ever seen. The quality is excellent and the finish is perfect. I highly recommend these picks."

Wow. My tone is changed completely. As soon as I got used to the pick (about 2 days)
I was acheiving the tone I had been stiving for for years.
Worth every penny.

I've used stone for 20 plus years, but none have had the bevel just right...till now! Thank you.

I didn't know what to expect from a stone pick, and spending this much on a pick was either going to be a great decision or a really bad one. Now that I've played with it a few hours, I'm delighted with the brilliant tone and wonderful resonance. It will take some getting used to, but I'm looking forward to rediscovering my guitar - this is how it's supposed to sound!

The attack is not as agressive as plastic, very smooth. Triplets are effortless. I seem to get from string to string quicker, but who knows. I was a little wary of spending twenty bucks on a pick, but there is no wear at all and after a year I still have it.

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